From the Sand Storm

Встречаю много разных людей. Знаете, никогда бы ни подумала, что слово «иммигрант» когда-либо впишется в мою жизнь. Но вот она я, и кажется, что точнее слова описать все, что со мной происходило в течении 5 лет, не придумать. Иммигрантская жизнь – одинока. Не то, чтобы ты один, но весь процесс каким-то образом пропитан одиночеством. С кем бы ты ни был. Не знаю, отличается ли это одиночество от одиночества взросления. И удваивается ли эффект, когда ты взрослеешь в другой стране. Но мне кажется, что это такое состояние, которое ты должен уточнить для себя сам. Этот процесс будет долог и запутывающим время от времени. Некоторые так до конца и не смогут полностью для себя разобрать, где они побывали в этот момент, в какую бурю попали. Эта буря тяжелая, пыльная. Она режет тебя и твое нутро целиком. Но если ты выйдешь из этой бури, ты будешь иметь полное представление о том, кто ты и откуда сюда пришел. И это самое главное. Помнить, кто ты на самом деле такой. 

И вот я встречаю разных людей. Иммигрантов в своем большинстве. И мне кажется, что я способна понять, принять и полюбить каждого. Я знаю в какой буре они побывали. Знаю, в какой буре они сейчас. И искренне желаю, чтобы выйдя из него когда-то, они нашли себя в уютном месте.

В конце апреля мы встретились с фотографом Mariia Bukina  и провели вместе целый полдень. Маша сейчас уже в России, куда она вернулась навсегда: и надеюмь она найдет там свой настоящий дом. Маша, спасибо за портеты! 

Model: Ayyyna Budaeva

MUA: Alyssa Manuel

Design: Jessica Wanuch

Photographer: Mariia Bukina


From My Phone: France, 2014

My phone reminds me of a shoebox, where I collect and keep all my memories. Sometimes, I pick the photos, swipe off the dust, and feast my eyes on them. It's hard to tell why people stopped printing their photos and put them in albums, categorize by dates, occasions or places. I wonder what would happen to all these gigabytes of random memories we have on our devices. 

Here's my collection of photographs, fresh from my shoebox. All pictures were taken on iPhone, because in the end - iPhone is the best camera when travelling light. The picture above was taken during lazy walks around the Old Town in Lyon. Lyon is a very complex city with unique antique buildings, modern business centres, a mix of culture and cuisine. We were living right beside one of the city's bridges that connect the two Old Lyon islands with the modern part. 

I would say that Lyon would be worth visiting for two main reasons: shopping and restaurants. Unlike any other bigger cities, shopping in Lyon is stress free and there's a great selection of shops, both French brands and Italian. Everything is situated in the Old Town and the distance between shops is ridiculous. As for food, Lyon is famous for it. To be honest, my fiancé and I decided to go there only because of its food. Lyon is a very proud city with a history of thousand years of culinary experimentation and excellence. Perhaps, it is most famous for its bouchons - little family owned restaurants that serve homemade food and traditional lyonnaise dishes. The best one we visited was Daniel et Denise Saint-Jean. I have never tried food that delicious. It was heavenly. 

Of course, French trip is not complete without Paris. We only had one day in this city, as we didn't initially planned going there. Then, of course, I insisted we go to the city of love. As we didn't have too much time, our plan was as following: start at Champs Elysees, walk all the way to Louvre, then check in at Notre Dame, cross the bridge to St. Germain, and walk towards the Tour Eiffel to watch the sitting sun. 

A lot of things have been said about Paris. Some are so in love with it, they want to move there. Some think that it's not what it used to be. We didn't have time to see bad sides of it. What we saw was a very quiet, relaxed and chilled city in France. I know that it's not the common perception of it, but I guess that's just the way we felt. 

In addition to anything else, we also got to see a city of Grenoble. It was very fun and strange. I felt like I suddenly was put into a Jim Jarmusch movie set. First of all, Grenoble was once a city host for Olympic games in 1968. Therefore, there are numerous stadiums and ominous structures in the best traditions of monumentalism of 60s, early 70s. Secondly, there were no tourists! At all! (Okay, may be not. But I guess we were the crazy ones who decided to spend money and time to see Grenoble). Therefore, everyone looked at us as we were aliens from another galaxy. We were even joking that people of Grenoble would build a sculpture in the centre of a town in honour of its first tourists. But Grenoble was fine in the end. Even breathtaking. After a strange walk around the centre, we took the bubbles to go to the peak of the mountain. The view was incredible. I would also strongly recommend to descend on foot in order to see all the beauty that surrounds the city. I guess mountains make any place much more beautiful. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 1.36.48 PM.png

Our last stop was at Annecy. This city will always stay in our hearts and memories for two reasons. Number one, it is ridiculously beautiful. It looks like a fairy town from Disney movies with swans, tiny houses and tiny bridges. It has the most clear lake I've ever seen. The water was of teal colour. I mean, who wouldn't live in a town like that? It was incredible watching people jogging by the lakeshore during sunset. They even had some body building equipment on the beach, so that everyone could wake up, come run by the lake side, do some exercise on the beach, and go drink coffee in the nearby cafe. We spend the whole evening starting at mountains and lake. Watching them change shades with every minute of the sitting sun was the most mesmerizing activity I ever had.

Secondly, we were late for the last bus, and had to spend the night in Annecy. I would love to say we got late because we got completely hypnotized by the sunset, but in reality I had to go to the bathroom, and that's how we missed our bus. Hence, we had to find a descent looking hotel and sty overnight to catch the early morning bus, as in the afternoon of the same day we had a train back to Italy. I guess, it was the perfect end of our French adventure.

In the end, I did printed some of the images, and are keeping them in a simple black album I got from Muji. Revisiting familiar places is now only one page turn away. Funny, that accessing them from devices is a little bit harder, as you need to go through different folders before reaching the final destination.